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Net-Workman Net-Curve

The Executive


Community economic development

Engagement and capacity building for communities and communities of interest running awareness raising events, seminars, focus groups, workshops and networks; developing action plans, feasibility and pilot studies.



Social economy, enterprise and business development

Business support; business planning, funding advice -signposting, mentoring through funding application processes; project planning - design, implementation and management; marketing plans; skills and training analysis.



Programme and project management (Prince 2)

Strategic and operational project design, development, implementation and management .



Web and portal development

Encouraging and developing capacity and access to information and intelligence for communities / communities of interest, voluntary organisations and businesses. Including content development, mapping, analysis; website building, appraisals and evaluations.




Action and comparative research; audits, benchmarking, data and gap analysis; community mapping; evaluations.




Business support and advice -signposting, mentoring through funding application processes; undertaking minor and major applications (BLF outline proposals to full applications)